Areas of Expertise

Dr Mackie is a dedicated and highly experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.


I have dedicated myself to developing the skills and knowledge to provide the best, most up-to-date, evidence-based care for my patients. As such I am able to offer women choices from a full range of birth and treatment options.

I schedule half hour appointments to allow time to listen and discuss all options to empower women to make the best choice regarding their care. My current public sector experience means that I am exposed to a large number of challenging, high-risk pregnancies on a weekly basis. This means that I am well prepared for all complex and straight forward presentations. I encourage vaginal birth but am very skilled and experienced in assisted and caesarean section deliveries.


As a skilled gynaecologist I will take care of your gynaecological concerns in a sensitive and respectful manner. I believe in open communication and encourage you to raise all concerns during your consultation.

I understand that many gynaecological problems can cause pain, discomfort and impact on fertility.

My approach is to devise a treatment plan to manage the problem in the least invasive manner. Medical and at times surgical interventions are required.

Early Pregnancy Assessment

It would be my privilege to see you from the very start of your pregnancy. I offer an integrated early pregnancy assessment service including dating and pregnancy viability ultrasounds in my rooms. Along with my practice midwife we can help with advice on managing early pregnancy problems including bleeding, pelvic pain and problematic morning sickness in a holistic way that addresses both your emotional and medical needs.