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Obstetrics is my passion

I have dedicated myself to developing the skills and knowledge to provide the best, most up-to-date, evidence-based care for my patients. As such I am able to offer women choices from a full range of birth and treatment options. I schedule half hour appointments to allow time to listen and discuss all options to empower women to make the best choice regarding their care. My current public sector experience means that I am exposed to a large number of challenging, high-risk pregnancies on a weekly basis. This means that I am well prepared for all complex and straight forward presentations. I encourage vaginal birth but am very skilled and experienced in assisted and caesarean section deliveries.

Pre Conception

If you are thinking about starting a family I encourage you to see me for preconception advice. This is especially important if you are aged over 35 or have a medical condition such as hypertension or diabetes. A preconception consultation will involve a thorough medical history, examination, vaccinations, set of investigations including preconception genetic and cervical screening. The aim of this consultation is to address issues early to optimise a healthy future pregnancy and birth.

I will discuss the benefits of healthy lifestyle options and encourage the use of supplements such as folic acid to optimise fertility and health for mother and child during pregnancy.


Congratulations you are pregnant!

I encourage couples to visit early in the pregnancy. The initial consultation provides the opportunity for a complete medical and obstetric history to be taken. This visit will include an obstetric examination and an ultrasound. At the initial consultation I discuss how to book the hospital (I deliver at The Mater, North Shore Private, Royal North Shore, Royal Prince Alfred and Northern Beaches) and parent education classes. And I provide any required additional referrals for pathology, genetic testing and carrier screening. And, of course there will also be plenty of time to have all your questions answered!



After the initial visit I will see you at 4-6 weekly intervals until you are 28 weeks pregnant. I will then see you fortnightly until 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery. Sometimes, more frequent visits are required.

At each visit you will be given the opportunity to discuss the progress of your pregnancy and any concerns or queries will be answered. Examination will include taking blood pressure and an abdominal examination including foetal heart rate measurement. There will also be the opportunity to meet with my practice midwife to discuss any concerns around breastfeeding, parenting and practical preparation planning for the postnatal period.

As your due date approaches I will encourage you to develop a birth plan so that I can facilitate the experience that you and your partner desire.

The following table outlines the investigations and tests that will be typically performed at each visit throughout your pregnancy. This schedule may vary depending on your situation.

BookingBlood group & antibody screen
Thalassaemia screen
Full blood count & iron studies
Thyroid function tests
Vitamin D
Antenatal serology: Rubella, Varicella, Syphilis, Hepatitis B/C and HIV
Mid -stream urine
Dating ultrasound
Routine antenatal investigations
10-12 weeksIst trimester screen
10-week viability ultrasound
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
Blood markers
Nuchal Translucency comprehensive 1st trimester ultrasound
This package of care acts as a screening tool for:
Chromosomal and structural abnormalities
Hypertension and fetal growth restriction
Risk of preterm delivery
12-24 weeksCervical assessmentWomen at risk of preterm delivery may require additional ultrasounds during this period.
14-20 weeks75g Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)Women at high risk of gestational diabetes will require an early glucose tolerance test.
18-20 weeksFetal anomaly ultrasoundRoutine screening ultrasound for structural abnormalities
28 weeksBlood group & antibody screen
Full blood count
Routine screening tests for anaemia & gestational diabetes.


I aim to deliver your baby according to your birth plan, however deliveries sometimes don’t go as planned! The goal is of course a healthy baby and mother and I am well prepared to manage all intrapartum situations whether it be normal vaginal delivery; assisted vaginal delivery or caesarean section.

I have extensive experience and am supportive of vaginal delivery for multiple pregnancies, breech presentation and vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC).

I have safely delivered over 10 000 babies comprising a variety of normal vaginal deliveries, complex high risk emergency presentations and everything in between.

For your convenience I have admitting rights and am able to perform deliveries at the following hospitals: The Mater, North Shore Private, Royal Prince Alfred, Royal North Shore and Northern Beaches Hospital.


I believe that postnatal care is an important part of your obstetric management. I will visit you each day in hospital after the birth of your baby.

I will be checking that you and your baby are adjusting well and address any concerns or queries. It is important that you feel well and ready to take your baby home.

I then see you and your baby 6-8 weeks after the birth. This postnatal check provides an opportunity to admire your newborn and to discuss how you are feeling physically and emotionally and address any concerns you may have.

DR Adam Mackie

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

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