Early Pregnancy Assessment

We are here to support and assist you along your journey.

Obstetrics is my passion

It would be my privilege to see you from the very start of your pregnancy. I offer an integrated early pregnancy assessment service including dating and pregnancy viability ultrasounds in my rooms. Along with my practice midwife we can help advise on managing early pregnancy problems including bleeding, pelvic pain and problematic morning sickness in a holistic way that addresses both your emotional and medical needs.

I know that symptoms such as bleeding or pain in early pregnancy are extremely stressful and that you need expert and supportive care. These symptoms can be even more concerning for women who have experienced a previous pregnancy loss. Timely, effective assessment and management of early pregnancy problems can help ease the stress and in some situations such as an ectopic pregnancy be life saving.

Often all that is needed is an ultrasound and reassurance that all is well. At other times the pregnancy is going well but you don’t feel great with problematic morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum. I have extensive experience caring for women affected by hyperemesis and can provide guidance on how to minimise the impact of this on what should be a joyful and happy time for you.

The best early pregnancy assessment care is delivered by a team. I work closely with my practice midwife who has many years of experience caring for women at this important time. Along with my experience as a consultant in a busy early pregnancy assessment service in a leading public hospital we are able to offer comprehensive early pregnancy care to women in a private setting.

In the unfortunate case that the pregnancy is not viable, I offer compassionate care managing pregnancy loss and help with planning for the future. I can also provide guidance and investigation for women who are unfortunately experiencing recurrent miscarriage and wish to understand what is happening and how to reduce their risk in future pregnancies.

DR Adam Mackie

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

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